About Us

Founded by two hiring professionals that recognised the lack of CV based skill assessment solutions within the world of recruitment. cvmetrics was created to streamline the interview process through combining an automated technology platform, with industry specialised skill assessment content.

Our Values


We remain neutral and fair to our target audiences to ensure the highest possible value add for everyone.


We do not stop at 'good enough'; we lead through commitment to excellence in design, usability and quality.


We have ambitions to innovate without boundaries, and equally remain focused to ensure pin point delivery.


We remain transparent at all times, ensuring integrity in all our relationships.

The Team

Malcolm West

Malcolm is an ex recruiter with an entrepreneurial spirit. He previosuly co-founded a unique recruitment agency called find'm, where he spent 3 years as a director heading up their delivery function.

Ajay Verma

Ajay is a seasoned business analyst, with over 10 years experience. He's spent the past few years pursuing senior consultancy ventures which have included growing teams and hiring at various levels

Aleksei Chernishov

Technical Lead
Aleksei is a rock star engineering professional from the travel industry, with a masters degree in computing machines and systems.